Housewarming parties are hosted to honor the purchase of a new house. These parties may be hosted by the home owner or by a friend or relative who wants to celebrate the purchase.  Housewarming parties are a great way of bringing together your family and friends as you show them your new nest. It also helps you to get introduced to your neighbors and settle in easily in the neighborhood.

These parties are fun filled events with dazzling themes, home tours, games and exciting food. If you are planning on throwing a house warming party then you will definitely understand the importance of striking the perfect balance between the party theme and the party food.

You need to ensure that the food is suitable for all age groups and is in sync with the arrangements of the party.  You must ensure that the food menu is such that it allows the people to eat and drink while they are touring your house or while they are mingling with others.  It is a good idea to have food arranged in different rooms so that guests can take a bite as they are touring your house. Some of the brilliant house warming food ideas are as follows.

  • Mini-Sandwiches: mini sandwiches are classics of any house warming party. You can prepare wide variety of sandwiches using vegetables, canned fish and meat.  Ensure that you serve these mini sandwiches in different trays so that guests do not have to keep on asking you about which sandwich contains what.  You can create a vegetable sandwich consisting of a mix of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, capsicum along with seasonings like honey mustard, mayonnaise and oregano. You just need to spread some mayonnaise on the bread slices and then arrange lettuce, capsicum rings, chopped onions and sprinkle oregano and honey mustard on it.  You can cut these sandwiches into two and arrange them neatly on a tray labeled vegetable sandwich.  Similarly, you can create fish and cheese sandwich and meat sandwich. You can experiment with different seasonings to bring out the flavors in the party.
  • Veggies with different dips: finger foods have to be the call of the day when it comes to housewarming parties. You can whip up some delicious dipping and serve them with different vegetables. It is a good idea to have wide variety of dips served on the platter. Some of the most popular and classic dips that can be served with veggies are artichoke and spinach dip, guacamole, tomato salsa,  seven layered bean dips,  cheesy herbs dip, hummus etc.
    • You can whip a delicious artichoke dip by mixing parmesan cheese, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, mayonnaise, garlic, salt, basil, and spinach and artichoke heart. Now preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and let the mixture be in there till the cheese melts. Presentation is important when it comes to these dips. You cut the veggies into strips and place them in a tray. You can create a platter with different dips in small bowls and place then next to the veggie tray. Guests can pick the dip they like. If you don’t have time to create a dip platter, you can add few spoons of dip in shot glass and tuck veggies into them.
  • Cheese and crackers:  cheese and crackers can be the perfect food for your guests as they move around the house. You can arrange small plates of with cheesy dips or cheese cubes along with different types of crackers next them. Don’t forget to keep a napkin next to each plate so that guests find it convenient to eat. You can also bake homemade cheese crackers with herbs by adding a twist to classic recipe. You can also store the cheese crackers in a cookie jar so that they remain crisp and flaky till your guests arrive.
  • Nachos with Salsa:  you can buy nachos from store or you can choose to make them at home. It is always a good idea to make hot tomato salsa at home.  Homemade salsa allows you to experiment with different flavors while sticking to the traditional recipe. You can make yummy salsa by finely chopping about four tomatoes, one red onion and 2 jalapeño chili pepper.  You will also need to have about half cup of finely chopped cilantro for making this salsa. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl and squeeze a juice of one lemon in it. Add some rock salt for taste and let the mixture sit for around three to four hours and it is ready to be served. You can make about four cups of salsa using the above ingredients.
  • Cheese Quesadillas:  Quesadillas are loved globally and they make excellent finger food. You can try out variety of Quesadillas depending upon on your taste however cheese Quesadillas can definitely be the limelight food for your housewarming party. Here is a simple recipe that can help you to make stuffed cheese Quesadillas. You will need about four tortillas for the same. You will need a cup of cheddar or parmesan cheese. You may even use a roman cheese if you like.  For stuffing, you can use mushrooms, capsicum, green onions, olive, fresh tomatoes and chickpeas. You will need some oil or butter for greasing the tortillas.  You should start by slicing the vegetables finely. Keep all the veggies aside after finely dicing them. Now put some butter on the pan and place a tortilla over it. Flip the tortilla several times to ensure that is evenly cooked from all ends. As the tortilla is cooking, sprinkle some cheese over the tortilla and then spread the veggies over the cheese.   You can fold the tortilla as the cheese starts melting.
  • Bruschetta:  You can arrange Bruschetta as one of the finger foods for your housewarming party. You can make fresh Bruschetta with tomatoes and basil.  You will need to parboil the tomatoes for a minute and then remove the seeds from the tomato. Chop the tomatoes finely after discarding the stem and the seeds. In a bowl mix tomatoes, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and vinegar. Heat them in the oven for two minutes and remove them.  Now cut the bread slices in small triangles and apply olive oil to one side and toast it on the girdle. Now you can place spoonful of tomato and basil mixture on top of each toast. It is important for you to prepare the Bruschetta just before the party starts or the bread will become soggy.
  • Hummus with Pita Bread:  Hummus is extremely popular as a dip. It can be eaten with crunchy veggies or with pita bread. Hummus with Pita bread can work amazingly well as a finger food for your housewarming party. You can make a bowl full of Hummus by using following ingredients.  You will need to soak chickpeas overnight.  Now combine 15-20 Oz of soaked chickpeas in a bowl.  Add two garlic pods, three fourth cup of roasted tahini, juice of half lemon, and two green chilies.  Blend the mixture well with quarter cup water in a food processor. Cut the pita bread in triangular shape and then roast it on a girdle by brushing it with olive oil. Arrange the Pita bread on a tray and serve Hummus in a Bowl. Your guests are definitely going to love this yummy finger food.