What comes to your mind when you hear the word, “DATE”? Well obviously, it usually refers to a special time together for couples and lovers. For those new relationships, a date is important to better know each other. For old ones, it is to strengthen the bond between partners.

We all have busy lives and sometimes, we are so full of our routines that we forget to spend time with our loved ones. Most of the relationship started so good, so perfect. But as time went by and your relationship grows old, it lost the fire and excitement you have the first time together. Have you ever asked yourself what went wrong? Have you ever wondered what’s missing?

Rekindle the flame and LOVE between you and your partner and get back to the way it was before. Think of romantic ways to spend time together. Think of new and fun ways to spend together without many expenses. Money is not an issue here but before making an act, consider your budget. You didn’t need to spend much just for your date. Be resourceful. If you and your partner have a very busy work life, even a short sweet time together is considered romantic. Here are some tips:

Ideas for Outdoor Dates


Go out together

I love you, not only for what you are,
but for what I am when I am with you.
– Roy Croft

That’s a great love quote isn’t it? To rekindle or grow the love between you and your partner, you should spend time together. There are different ways to do that. Watch some romantic movies, buy a book, go to the park, watch the sunset together, explore together, etc.

Talk with your partner. You can plan a picnic together in a nearby place like the beach or even in the park where nature can surround you. Don’t forget to bring your partner’s favourite foods and drinks. This will provide you a quality time together, talk about things and relive precious moments. This can also help you know latest details in your partner that haven’t been there before like if they are unto new hobbies.


Go shopping together

Do it in a conventional way. Ask your partner if there’s something they need to buy because you have to buy a tie or a dress. That depends on what you need to buy. You can buy grocery supplies together or help your partner look for a scarf that would complement them. This will give you time to know if your partner’s taste have changed or still the same.


Walk Together

Even a simple walk together in the garden after dinner is sweet and romantic. Hold your partner’s hand and reminisce your first time together. Talk about what it was like, what you felt that time, about how perfect it was. Walk slowly and let your feelings sink in and fill the two of you. Talk about everything, about your love, your work, your school, your childhood, your hobbies, anything. It will give your partner a deeper view into you. It will give them assurance that you haven’t closed yourself on them.


Go for a Trip

You don’t have to go far. If you have a nearby lake, you can go fishing with your beloved. Or go hiking on a nearby hill or mountain. It would be fun for both of you.

Ideas for Indoor Dates

Who says you cannot have a romantic date at home? Spending leisure time with your love inside the house is a good method. It’s less fuss and hassle but more romantic and comfortable.


Watch a movie together at home

Couples watching a movie together are so common and usual, but watching it at home is more romantic because you get to have privacy and peace. You have your partner all to yourself without the noise and blabbering you hear at the theatre. Eat popcorns while watching, cuddling together. You can laugh on a funny scene together or talk about your favourite parts.

Repair Time Together

Is there something inside your home that needs repairing? A broken chair? A room that needs repainting? Refer it to your partner and you can do something about it together. Buy new wallpapers or paints for your house, and repaint it together. Or your man can fix a damaged roof while you give simple assistance and cook delicious food for him.


Cook a dinner together

Experiment on a latest recipe you’ve learned or you want to make. You may not be a good cook or you don’t know how to cook at all, but try to learn. You may have problems in using a knife or a certain kitchen tool, so take it easily. You will find it’s more enjoyable and fun.

Have a similar hobby with your partner.

  • Learn a new hobby together. If your partner is expert in some hobbies like playing the guitar or piano, you can ask them to teach you. If you’re a good driver or a swimmer and your partner is showing an interest to learn, teach them. Or you can enroll in a painting class and learn the painting strokes with him/her. This will provide you another new topics to discuss with, new experience you will share together and new reason for your bond to be stronger.

The fact is, we all want a happy and fulfilling relationship. But only few understand that to be able to have this, we should never stop taking efforts in showing to our love that they matter. These are just ideas of romantic dates. It is up to you how to be innovative and find more sweet and romantic things you can do in order to strengthen your love and devotion with each other again.

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