loveLOVE? An easy four letter word with deeper, wider, inexplicable meaning. How can it be best described? Who can best define it? Even dictionaries have different meaning of love. Even I, have different meaning of it from others. Experience wise? Let me thoroughly define it in my words.

As a kid I grew up full of love—from my parents, my family and significant others. But as I mature everything about it gets even more complicated. I didn’t know it involves things of many complexes; I even created characters of me and a Prince and draw my own story. I got to utter words I didn’t know exist. What could be the spices of love that keeps its fire burning? As we go through this dialogue further we’ll see and realized how far love has gotten.

What is Love for Me?

Love is Sacrifice— you got to believe me when I say its sacrifice. If it doesn’t look like that for you, then think twice; it might not be love at all. As you learn to love and ascertain things that correspond to it, you also get into the picture of sacrificing. You will unconsciously lose a thing to gain something better. If you are in the midst of being in love then presume to be in middle of bestowing sacrifices.

love 4Love is Selfish— you become egocentric when you are in love. You run for your life and for your love. You see nothing else but yourself and your feelings. They might call you greedy in a way. But who cares? You are in LOVE. They might not get your point and often ask you WHY? But then, SO WHAT? They will never understand you, not until they’ll get into your shoes. It is very crucial to compare love with selfishness but then it’s the reality that both come with along with each other. It might be confusing, but it is life’s irony.

Love is Sharing and Giving—Loving is not just about you. It’s about giving more so you can receive more. In Love, you got to share what once was all yours, got to give what you keep for long and letting them take everything away from you. But you will never feel empty because of love. That’s what makes love stand out, you feel so full even if others looks at you really empty. They might be seeing you emptied and left with nothing, but you will always feel copious with love.

Love is Magic—Different feelings at unalike times. A mix of emotion that at times leads to distinct decision. Are you not amazed on how you have overcome everything? Isn’t it Magical? Sometimes you get butterflies in your stomach. And while your eye closes that corresponds to your voluntarily hanging up foot as you kiss. You feel really different when you’re in love. You see fireworks everywhere and can’t definitely hide your smile to everyone else. You always hear your heart singing of joy and the beating gets even faster and faster– lubdub lubdub lubdub.

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love 2

Love is Unconditional— for me it is not a responsibility because love is never a task nor a work that one can delegate. It is an emotion and an affection that grows and not implanted inside. There are no rules, no right and wrong, no buts and ifs. Love is just love. That’s it! You’ll learn and understand once you already have it. It is unconditional; it knows no limit and boundaries. Do you even know how much you love your child, your husband/wife, your parents or your siblings? Love is immeasurable. It is timeless and volatile. You can never tell by your mouth that it is love, because it is the heart that truly knows.

Love is Truth—when you love you have to be true. Not just to somebody but at most to yourself. Love is a great weapon. It can either save you from misery or can lead you to downfall. You have to be honest with yourself. If it’s love say it, if it’s not spell it out. Always have the courage. Never be afraid. Have faith and trust that love can seize it all as much as the truth conquers all.
Love is Time—this is the very recipe of love. If you lock this, then your love won’t be as stronger. Time and love is directly proportional with each other. When you spare much time, you are surely giving much love and vice versa. The measure of time you have for love could actually measure the length and depth of respect you have. It is really time and respect that keeps love alive.

For me Love shouts for one main reason of its existence: it is one form of survival. The more you give LOVE and be LOVED, the more reason you have for breathing. Biblically, it is of love that God created us, because of His love that he sent His only Begotten Son for us who believes in Him to not perish but enjoy everlasting life.

How about you? What is LOVE for YOU?