happy-easter-pictureEaster is one of the important events in most of Catholics. They celebrate it with so much devotion and passion. But in kid’s perception, Easter is also a time for them to play and have fun. Different Easter crafts are there to create. There are so many Easter games to play and explore.

Fun and play is number one in kid’s dictionary. And Easter offers just that! Special treats and games in Easter splash excitement, fun, and laughter for all children. Here are some fun ways to treat your kids with Easter games and activities. Try them and see how your kids give out a robust cheer for you and their friends!

Kid’s Fun Easter Games

Count and Guess

What you Need: Jar, Easter Candies / Jelly Beans / Candy Easter Eggs

How to Play:

  1. Prepare a jar of Easter Candies.
  2. You can choose any type of Easter candy to be placed in the jar.
  3. Show the jar of Easter candies to the children.
  4. Let the children guess how many Easter candies there are in the jar. The one who gets the correct answer or gets the closest answer wins.
  5. You may reward the winner with some Easter Candies. Repeat the game by varying the amount of candies in the jar to allow other children to take a guess.

Flip and Match

What you Need: Cardboard or Paper, Easter Pictures or Drawing Materials

How to Play:

  1. Cut out squares from the cardboard or paper.
  2. Draw pictures or words on one side of each cut out squares. You can also tape or paste Easter pictures or words instead of drawing each.
  3. To start the game, flip the squares over such that the pictures or drawings are hidden from the players. Let each player come and flip two squares. Only two squares are allowed to be picked.
  4. When the two squares do not match, flip them back in their position and the player loses his/her turn to play.
  5. When two squares match, the player gets the matching squares and has another turn to play the game. The player who has the most matching Easter pictures or words wins the game.

Guess the Easter Clue

What You Need: List of Easter words, places, persons, or things

How to Play:

  1. Base on the list, use each word for the children to guess.
  2. Start the game by saying, “I am thinking of something…”
  3. Students can ask for clues by throwing a question that are answerable by a yes, a no, or I don’t know.
  4. The winner is the one who gives the correct answer to the clue.

Easter Word

What You Need: Index Cards or Cardboards, Paper Bags or Large Envelopes

How to Play:

  1. Divide the number of players into teams.
  2. Choose Easter words or phrases for children to identify in the game. Examples of words can be Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, Easter Candies, or Rabbit.
  3. Write each letter of the word in each index card or cut out cardboard. Jumble the letters and put them in the paper bag or large envelope.
  4. Give time for each theme to assemble the letters and form the correct word or phrase. The team who forms the correct word or phrase first is the winner.

Beauty Bunny Contest

What You Need: Cut-out Bunny, Markers, Cotton balls for tails, and Scissors

How to Play:

  1. Give each child a cut-out bunny to decorate with. Let each child express their own creativity and design a beautiful Easter Bunny of their own.
  2. Post their finished products and conduct a beauty contest to choose the Beauty Bunny of the Year.
  3. Choose other Bunnies to be awarded with Most Unique Bunny, Most Colorful Bunny, Most Creative Bunny, Neatest Bunny, and Best Dressed Bunny.

Make and Match Easter Sound

What You Need: Hat or Bowl, Pictures of Animals

How to Play:

  1. Put pictures of animals in a hat or a bowl. There should be two pictures for one animal in order to form a pair.
  2. Let the children pick one picture from the hat or bowl. Instruct the children to look out for their matching pair of animal by making the sound of the animal they have picked.
  3. The player who calls or talks is eliminated from the game. The pair who matched first is the winner!

Match the Easter Egg Riddle

What You Need: Big Easter Eggs, Riddles

How to Play:

  1. Cut the Easter eggs in half.
  2. Write the riddle in the first half of the egg and the answer of the riddle to the second half of the egg. Hand out the eggs to the participants.
  3. Let them roam around the room and find the answer to the riddle. When a pair matches, they will sit down until everyone found the answer to the riddle in their egg. For every pair that matches, an Easter prize will be given.
  4. The game ends when everybody has the correct answer.

Tag an Easter Bunny

How to Play:

  1. One child plays the “it”. The role of the “it” is to catch and tag another child.
  2. The child who was caught and tagged will be the next “it”.
  3. The “it” looks for someone he/she can tag while the children hop around the room to avoid being tagged.
  4. The “it” also needs to hop while trying to tag another player.
  5. Another child will take the role of an “it” if he/she gets tagged or was caught running during the game.

Pick and Walk Easter Egg

What You Need: Two Large Easter Eggs made from Construction Paper

How to Play:

  1. Have two teams of children to compete. Let the team of children line up and the first child in the line hold the two Easter eggs.
  2. When the game starts, the child should put the first egg on the floor and use it to step onto.
  3. To walk further, put the second egg in front and step on it.
  4. Then reach back and pick the first egg and use it again to walk forward. Repeat these until he/she have reached the end of the line.
  5. Then run back to the team’s line and tag the next member to do the course. The team who finishes first wins the game.

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