romance-and-datingSome men can easily get girls to like them. It is as if they are born with a magnet for girls such that wherever they go, girls find them attractive. Of course, that does not go for all men. While it’s natural for some men to confidently charm a girl with their flawless talk, others could not even open their mouth and utter what their heart truly wants to say. Whether you belong to the former or the latter, the following tips on how to make a girl fall in love with you could surely enhance your skill at attracting the girl of your dream.

Wow Look

The first thing that a girl notices is how you look. Different girls have different tastes. But in general, it will be impressive to see a man who dresses up well, is neat, clean, and who smells wonderful. Men can also be fashionable, so if it suits your personality, be trendy with your hair, shirt, shoes, and the likes.


Confidence Level

Women find men appealing when they display genuine confidence. If you are not confident, work out confidence by asking your female friends for tips on what girls like and prefer. Practice conversing with confidence. When you finally have the courage to meet the girl in person, smile, be calm, and start a casual conversation with her. Be comfortable with who you are and what you can do because a girl can feel if you have a problem with self-confidence.

Sense of Humor

Most girls appreciate men who can make them laugh and who can wittily deliver a joke even in the most unlikely situation. If you are the kind of man who has active sense of humor, you already have plus points in winning the girl you have been fantasizing. Just make sure you know when to throw it and when to reserve it. If you lack the sense of humor, you better look for that sense, put it in place, and practice it. But as a reminder, it is way better to be yourself than pretending to be humorous when in fact you are not.


Attentive Ear

One of the things that will mark your presence to a woman is your ability to listen. For a woman, a man who listens is a man who cares. And any man who knows how to listen to a woman, will surely be a special person in that woman’s life. Women places great importance to listening. Listen when she talks and pay attention to what she means. When you do that, you can be more than just a best friend!

Independence Counts

If you are in the business of making a woman fall for you, please show independence. A woman won’t appreciate a man who does not have his own life, who does not have a job or has no plan of being employed, or one who cannot decide properly for himself.

Friendship Factor

One sure way of touching a girl’s heart is to be friends with her friends. In other words, you belong! Girls like it when a man puts effort to befriend her troop of friends and shows that they are indeed friends as much as they are to you. So start looking for ways on how to be a part of her peers.

Young couple drinking wine and having fun

Sweet Flirtations

Show some hints of flirtations to her. Flirting with her gives her the sure impression that you are in one way or another interested with her or attracted to her. Sending some romantic love quotes for her would be great. Just another way of letting her know that you’re interested with her. A word of caution, however, is to keep it at a minimum. Do not overdo your flirtations or she will think that you are never serious with her.

Reality Check

Women get truly impressed when men do not fake their personality. You can put your best foot forward without covering up who you really are. When a woman senses that you are being real, she will respect you for that. Besides, it is better to be liked for who you really are than being liked because you tried to become what the woman likes.So be yourself!

Detail Matters

You want to charm a girl? Pay attention to details. Yes, I know that men do not usually do that. It is not in your nature. But you need to develop the attitude of caring for those little things she cares about. When you do that you will be surprised at how much you will mean to her. Observe and be keen of the things she likes to do, of the things she uses, of the things she prefers, and of the things she dislikes. Even when she does not tell you, you will be able to know her and her like and dislikes by pure observation and attention. Girls love it when men do something they like without telling them to do so. It is because for girls, when a man does something even without asking them to do it, it spells CARE!