This is probably the all-time favorite date of couples, and a nightmare for singles – the Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me wrong if I “generalized” it. But I notice that singles are often teased on this day. As a single, I’m often asked this kind of question: who will be your Valentine? At first, I was affected. I was thinking, why I’m still single and haven’t found my Valentine. But not anymore.

Valentine’s Day is considered as heart’s day or day for couples and partners. It’s time to show your love and affection to your special someone. But I do believe that you can show your affection every day, every minute of your relationship, not just during Valentine’s Day. But maybe this day, everything has to be extra special.

I’m a hopeless romantic in nature. I fall in love with a character in a book, get teary-eyed to happy ending, dream for a romantic proposal and wedding and wish my own happy love story too. So this Valentine’s Day, I’ve decided to share some of the romantic ideas I’ve always wished for. Here are some romantic Valentine’s Day ideas, at least on my view. Enjoy!

Romantic Valentine’s Day Getaway

Spend the heart’s day just the two of you… you can choose from any romantic getaway. Be it in a private resort, beach, vacation house in the mountain, or cruise…


Feel the romance in Paris

Feel the romance in Paris
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Passion in Rome
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maldives resort

rethi resort maldives

How about a romantic vacation in the beach.. try Maldives
Photos by: Sarah Ackerman

Bela Vista, Sao Paolo, Brazil

You can also spend a night or two in a luxury hotel suite…
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Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

Make the night extra special with someone you love. Enjoy a romantic dinner with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or fiancé…

Romantic valentines day dinner

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romantic dinner


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Valentine’s Day Recipe Ideas

How about preparing something for your dear? The easiest way to your love’s heart is through their stomach, remember that….


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Photo by: snowpea&bokchoi
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valentines heart

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

How about giving something special for your lovey dovey? Something that will make them feel loved ultimately? This can be sentimental, expensive, romantic, anything for as long as it came from the bottom of your heart. Here are some of the romantic valentine’s day gift ideas for him/her.

valentine's day gift ideas
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valentine's day gift

valentine's gift for him

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gift on valentines
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Valentine’s Day Flowers

It’s one of the main attractions of Valentine’s Day. Many local and online shops offer specially made flower arrangements for Valentine’s Day. How about getting one for your partner? Don’t forget a card or note with your romantic and sweet Valentine’s day messages on it.

valentines-flower 2

valentines-flower 3

valentines-flower 4

valentines-flower 5Photo by: Nitis Florist