50th-birthdayIn this day and age when people are now living longer thanks to modern technology, turning fifty is a large milestone for anyone! If you know someone who’ll be turning fifty soon, reward them with a special gift that will celebrate their achievement. I’ve come up with a few 50th birthday gift ideas that you can use to give to your joyous celebrant. I hope these suggestions and ideas will help you as you throw a surprise or a treat to your birthday celebrant.

Gifts for His/Her 50th Birthday

Given that people who are turning fifty have spent more than three decades receiving gifts, it’s quite a challenge to think up of a gift that’s not the same old “deja vu” ones that they’ve received or seen before! But there’s no need to worry because there are a lot of gifts you can choose from, particularly when it comes to technological gadgets and useful but trendy items.

Remember, you must keep in mind three words that sum up the perfect 50th birthday gift: compact, portable, and practical. Adding an element of nostalgia to it (especially if it is an item that they used to have or dreamed of having) will certainly make your birthday gift different from the rest.

For the tech-savvy celebrant

If you’re a little conventional, try sticking to media such as videos, music, and photos that have a sentimental value to the celebrant. Then add the perfect gadget (such as an iPod or an mp3 player) that will bring back their old memories in a modern fashion. If you have a limited budget, you can also invest in a trendy cellphone for a tech-savvy celebrant. You can either splurge on a high-end cellphone such as the latest iPhone or BlackBerry or buy cellphone accessories that suit their lifestyle such as headsets, phone holders, or memory cards.

For the sentimental celebrant

Personalized birthday gifts are perfect for sentimental recipient. To give you an idea, how about personalizing a birthday card? There are so many types of handmade cards out there, there are even tutorial online which requires minimal materials and supplies. You can complete it with a heartfelt happy birthday wishes. Just write your own thoughts. Don’t be shy.

50th birthday gift ideas for men

fitness-toolsPeople are keen to be fit and healthy these days, including those who are in their fifties! Preserving their health and body is one goal most fifty-year-olds aim to achieve, so if the celebrant is a health buff, there are many gifts you can give that’ll help them reach their goal. You can choose from a variety of fitness tools, portable and compact exercise equipment, and even gift certificates his or her favorite gym or activity center!

For your special someone

Photos are a perfect way of reminiscing the past, so why not give your special someone who’s turning fifty a photo album or a scrapbook? Or if he or she prefers videos more, then why not create a special music video or a presentation for him or her? This traditional gift will bring the both of you on a trip down memory lane, and you will romantically relive your most cherished moments together for the past decades.

For the traditional celebrant

Another traditional gift is giving something made of gold because fifty years is also known as a “golden jubilee”. Think a gold ring, pendant, bracelet, or another item that is sentimental to the person you’re going to give it to. There are also many services today that personalize or customize items, so if you opt for this, you can have the item embellished/embossed with his or her name or your special message.

When shopping for the perfect gift, remember that it is important to give something that will be memorable and unique to the birthday celebrant. Remember, turning 50 is certainly an achievement and a cause for celebration for anyone, so make sure they’ll start their fifties right with a joyous smile!