According to Wikipedia, Love is…

Love is an emotion of a strong affection and personal attachment. Love is also said to be a virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection —”the unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another”. Love may describe compassionate and affectionate actions towards other humans, one’s self or animals

i-love-himI am in love, I know. But I don’t exactly know why I am feeling these weird affections towards him. But I’ll try to figure out though. I can’t precisely give and explain the reason why I love him, but I Love him because:

He’s A Gangster. He has this angst that caught my attention. When I’m with him I feel safe and secured. He is actually the type who easily attracts fight with. But I don’t know, I can’t explain I seem very happy whenever I am with him even if it would not be impossible for me to be in trouble in the street I would still choose to hold and go with him.

He Never Fails to Make Me Smile Every day. He’s not the perfect boyfriend, I shall say that. He makes me cry at times as well.  However, he has this charisma that even though I cried a river out of him he has this charm that gives me back my smile.

He Loves Me at my Worst and Embrace Me at my Best. I am not a perfect girl. I have flaws and make mistake a lot. But he never turns his back on me. He do criticize and say ego striking words, but then he always tells me that he is doing such criticism because he doesn’t want to lose me.

He is Cool-ing—best describes him than saying he’s sweet. Well he actually is sweet, just not in a common way. Oh, he’s not fond of giving flowers, chocolates and whatever during valentine, anniversary and whatsoever. But what made his sweetness unique is that; he cooks and prepares food for me almost every day and buys everything I desire to as much he can.

He Listens to Me and Understands Me. We often argue, but he takes time to listen, that; after he talks. He understands and most of the time lets me talk, talk and talk, while he summarize everything that I said and discuss it with me after while.

He Cries in front of Me. Whenever we are in a midst of something really hard, he tells me he’s hurting and cries. He always looks for my soothing arms. He leans and really cries out loud on me which I find really sexy.

He Gets Mad. This is what makes me comfortable with him. He tells and shows me when he’s mad but doesn’t hurt me physically even I’m the loudest mouth on earth. He clarifies things with me.

He at most Want to Treat Me as His Princess. I fell like a princess being with him. He is my knight and shining armor. When we cross a street, he always holds me and never fails to consider my safety first. And I adore that.

He is Transparent. I know when he’s jealous. And it makes me smile knowing that he’s jealous sometime since it best describes his love for me.

He Kisses Me on The Forehead. He respects and loves me 

He is Supportive. He at times keeps me up on my feet whenever I feel so down most specially at work.

He Keeps on Telling Me How Proud He is of Me. He recognizes and gives me reward whenever I did something remarkable.

He Never Would Want to Disappoint Any of the People Close to Me. He makes any way possible just to impress my family and friends.

He Give Me Reason to Live — and it’s him.

He Knows the Way to My Heart — he plays with me whenever he caught me carrying annoyed and irritated face.

He is Annoying. He is loud mouthed and earsplitting, but he makes me laugh out of it.

He Ignores Me Whenever He Senses a Fight Approaching. It’s his way to not make little issue get bigger.

His love is unconditional. I can feel it as he is showing it.

I still has this Magical feeling When He Kisses Me. He still creates a delightful feeling that tickles me.

He Eats Whatever Food I Prepare for Him and Tells Me it Taste good (even if it’s overcooked).

He Appreciates everything from me—even the Simplest Thing I’ve done for Him. And he never fails to show his gratitude.

He’s overprotective. He corrects my dress and make-up. He tells me to always text him wherever I am.

I love him for who completely he is. I love his differences and his flaws. I enjoy being with him. He completes my being. If this love is still not real then what could this be?

These are some common reason we girls probably share. Whatever it may be, I hope you enjoyed reading mine and associate yours with it. Whatever reason we may have, one thing is for sure we find those reason because we are in love and are being loved.

How about you? Why do you LOVE HIM?

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