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How to Celebrate Diwali

March 1, 2013 lazygirl 0

The largest, most celebrated Hindu holiday, Diwali, may also be referred to as the festival of lights. Hindu families always make sure to mark their […]

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Easy Easter Baskets Ideas

February 28, 2013 lazygirl 0

Easter is considered as one of the most important occasions for Christian Catholics. They celebrate this day with so much devotion and passion. Several traditions […]

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Easter Gift Ideas

February 27, 2013 lazygirl 0

Easter is coming and everyone is anticipating receiving gift from their love ones. Though stores are full of Easter gift to choose from, creating your […]

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Wedding Invitation Ideas

February 24, 2013 lazygirl 0

A wedding should resemble the personalities of the two individuals tying the knot. From the flowers, setting, food, music, down to the invitations, every part […]